Urban Pockets Criteria

This technical study evaluated 42 unincorporated urban pockets in Stanislaus County in order to identify areas most appropriate for annexation to an incorporated City. The evaluation analyzed the costs of public improvements required to meet City infrastructure standards as well as the benefits to residents that will result from the construction of improvements and annexation to an incorporated City. Factors under review include infrastructure cost per resident, improvements to pedestrian circulation, health and safety public benefits as well as coordination with planned infrastructure projects. Interwest’s Planning team is continuously working hand-in-hand with Interwest’s Engineering/Public Works team on this multi-disciplinary study.

On-Call Development Engineering Services

Our team at Interwest currently provides Engineering Services and CIP delivery to the Stanislaus County Public Works Department. Our team also provides technical assistance and support to the County Engineer and Staff, Department of Public Works, Board of Supervisors, other County departments, and Community Stakeholders on current engineering-related programs, policies, activities, and projects. In addition, Interwest provides Grant Funding Application Preparation and Administration and Pavement Management Program.