SR-57 & Lambert Road Interchange Improvements 1

Projects SR-57 & Lambert Road Interchange Improvements

The Project entails the construction of the SR 57 & Lambert Road Interchange which includes:

  • Re-alignment of the Northbound off-ramp
  • New Northbound on-ramp loop with bridge
  • Widening of Lambert Road west (new right turn lane)
  • Widening of Northbound on-ramp
  • Widening and extension of Southbound off-ramp
  • Widening of Lambert Road east (new right turn lane) for Southbound on-ramp
  • Widening and extension of Southbound on-ramp and bridge
  • Widening at Railroad Crossing, SR 57/Lambert Bridge widening
  • Retaining walls, sound walls, and other various signal and street median improvements

Duties included overseeing the pre-construction phase, managing the OCTA M2 and SB1 grants, coordinating with Caltrans for Cooperative Agreements and Maintenance Agreements, coordinating with the Utility Companies, managing the Design consultant for the City, managing the R//W acquisition and demolition work, reviewing all RFI’s, CCO’s, and Submittals in coordination with Caltrans and Design Consultant, attending the bi-weekly construction meetings, billing/invoicing processing, and schedule review.

This project has a value of $79 Million for construction phase, landscape phase, utility relocation, construction management, and inspection.

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