Projects New Sacramento Courthouse

The new Sacramento Courthouse will include a 17-stories with a basement, high-rise, courthouse building, approximately 325 feet in height and 566,895 sq. ft. in area.

The building’s highest occupied floor (level 17) is 285-9” above the lowest floor level having building access (level G) and is classified as a high-rise building; therefore, it is required to meet an additional set of requirements (structural fire water supply, emergency systems, means of egress and elevators), outlined in section 403 of the CBC.

The project is presently in the Plan Review phase. Interwest is reviewing structural, MEP, energy compliance, and CalGreen compliance. Additionally, Interwest is performing structural peer review.

The $460 million project is designed to achieve LEED® Silver certification. Completion is slated for December 2022.

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