Projects Goodman Commerce Center and Amazon Warehouse

Adjacent to I-15 between Cantu-Galleano Ranch Road and Bellegrave Avenue, the Goodman Commerce Center in Eastvale is one of the largest, mixed-use developments in Southern California.

This 200-acre development will include a business park, retail, and (2) 1 million square foot Amazon warehouses, expected to employ 4,000+ people. The actual square footage under the roof of Building #1 is 3 million, as it contains multiple levels of platforms inside. It also contains 12 miles of conveyor system and 120,000 cubic yards of concrete.

Interwest performed rough and precise grading plan review for the project site, including drainage and erosion reports and hydrology and hydraulics calculations. Our team also provided building and MEP plan check for all project components, structural review of the warehouse foundation, as well as, structural and electrical review of the warehouse’s roof-mounted Solar PV System.

This impactful project was a complex undertaking that required considerable resources from the City as well as the Interwest team.

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