Downtown Commons Tower

The Downtown Commons Sacramento Tower is a 16-story mixed-use tower located adjacent to the new Golden 1 Center, and is a significant component of the new Downtown Commons (formerly Downtown Plaza). At 634,357 gross sq. ft., the Tower includes a public lobby, 45,000 sq. ft. of retail, 35,000 sq. ft. of office space for the team and arena management, a 250-room Kimpton hotel, and 44 residential units, all above two levels of below-grade parking. Occupancy classifications include A-2, A-3, B, M R-1, R-2, S and S-2, with Type IA fully sprinkled construction. The first three levels include retail space, restaurant space, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, ballrooms, a pool deck and back-of-house spaces. Level 4 is office space, Levels 5 through 10 are hotel space, and Level 11 through 16 are residential (R2) space. Interwest provided complete plan review services for this project on behalf of the City of Sacramento. The Interwest team has successfully assisted the City, the design team and the Owner to implement and execute a very aggressive phased permitting schedule, allowing this significant and complicated project to move quickly into construction well in advance of a complete design package.

Natomas Basin Project, Reach A & B

Reach B is one phase of levee improvements proposed to bring the Natomas Basin perimeter levee system into compliance with Federal and State standards for levees protecting urban areas. Located along the landside of the eastern levee (Garden Highway) along the Sacramento River, the existing levee provides less than 100-year flood protection to the largest new growth area of the City of Sacramento – with a growing commercial and residential area of approximately 53,000 acres. The Project consists of construction of new levees adjacent to the existing levee, seepage cutoff walls, and seepage berms to provide a 200-year flood protection and will require the fee acquisition of rich cropland from seven property owners located in Reach B. Working closely with SAFCA and Gualco Consulting, rapport with property owners was established early and rights of entry have been obtained from property owners for various surveys, explorations and staking. Each of the seven properties has been appraised and the first written offers have been presented to the owners.

New Sacramento Courthouse

The new Sacramento Courthouse will include a 17-stories with a basement, high-rise, courthouse building, approximately 325 feet in height and 566,895 sq. ft. in area. The building’s highest occupied floor (level 17) is 285-9” above the lowest floor level having building access (level G). The building is classified as a high-rise building and is therefore required to meet an additional set of requirements (structural fire water supply, emergency systems, means of egress and elevators), outlined in section 403 of the CBC. The project is presently in the Plan Review phase. Interwest is reviewing structural, MEP, energy compliance, and CalGreen compliance. Additionally, Interwest is performing structural peer review. The $460 million project is designed to achieve LEED® Silver certification. Completion is slated for December 2022.