The Prado

The Prado is a new master planned gated community of 243 attached and detached single-family homes on approximately 19 acres located on the southeast corner of Cucamonga Creed Channel and Schleisman Road in Eastvale, CA. Construction for the project began in 2018.

Public Works and Engineering On Call Services

Since 2010, Interwest has provided the City of Eastvale with Public Works and City Engineering services, including the development and implementation of their Capital Improvement Program, processing and conditioning of proposed Private Development Projects, and Traffic Engineering Support. Our Interwest team has aided in the delivery of cost-effective services through the preparation of fiscally prudent and conservative operating budgets, inclusive of identifying innovative methods to efficiently transition services from the County of Riverside.

Goodman Commerce Center and Amazon Warehouse

Adjacent to I-15 between Cantu-Galleano Ranch Road and Bellegrave Avenue, the Goodman Commerce Center in Eastvale is one of the largest, mixed-use developments in Southern California. This 200-acre development will include a business park, retail, and (2) 1 million square foot Amazon warehouses, expected to employ 4,000+ people. The actual square footage under the roof of Building #1 is 3 million, as it contains multiple levels of platforms inside. It also contains 12 miles of conveyor system and 120,000 cubic yards of concrete. Interwest performed rough and precise grading plan review for the project site, including drainage and erosion reports and hydrology and hydraulics calculations. Our team also provided building and MEP plan check for all project components, structural review of the warehouse foundation, as well as, structural and electrical review of the warehouse’s roof-mounted Solar PV System. This impactful project was a complex undertaking that required considerable resources from the City as well as the Interwest team.


The Sendero Residential Development is an approximately 44-acre site located on the northwest corner of Limonite Avenue and Harrison Avenue in the City of Eastvale. Interwest staff managed the following planning services: General Plan Amendment: Change the land use designation from Medium Density Residential (MDR) of 2.1 to 5 dwelling units per acre to Medium High Density Residential (MHDR) of 5.1 to 8 dwelling units per acre. Change of Zone: From Single Family Residential (R-1) to Planned Residential Development (PRD) to create site-specific development standards. Planned Residential Development (PRD): Standards for zoning, architectural, and landscape for the development. Tentative Tract Map – subdivision of the site into 323 parcels for single-family detached homes and 14 lettered parcels for open space and water quality basins.

Limonite Interchange

In 2018 the County of Riverside approved a contract to improve the Limonite Interchange on Interstate 15 (I-15). The $39 million dollar improvement project consist of a new 8-lane overcrossing, 3 through lanes in each direction plus 2 turn lanes, widening of the off-ramps from 2 to 4 lanes, the addition of 2 new loop on-ramps, and the widening of Limonite Avenue to 4 lanes in each direction between Hamner Avenue and Wineville Avenue. With the continued development and growth in the city of Eastvale, and in the inevitable increase in traffic that will result of said growth, the I-15/Limonite Interchange improvements are designed to accommodate the existing and future traffic associated with the planned development.

The Station

Part of the Goodman Commerce Center (adjacent to the Amazon Warehouse Building) The Station is a 650,000 square foot retail center located in Eastvale, one of California’s fastest growing cities. The Station, which opened in 2019, is located near the I-15 freeway and Cantu Galleano Rancho Road Interchange. The Station currently provides Eastvale residents and visitors a mix of fast-casual dining options, full-service restaurants, a Costco, and lots of space for new business and additional development.