Organization & Leadership Development

Our Organization & Leadership Development group helps local government agencies align organizational priorities, embrace change, eliminate silos, create an inclusive and connected employee culture, and build the next generation of municipal leaders.


  • Leadership Development Training
  • Organizational Development and Business Improvement Assessments
  • Community Meeting Facilitation
  • Elected Official Training
  • Crisis Communications Training & Response
  • Strategic Planning
  • Coaching

Key Contact

Jacob Green, Managing Director
(714) 845-7581

Featured Projects

Executive Team Facilitation Services

Client: Ontario International Airport

Interwest’s Leadership Development Team provided a multi-day teambuilding and facilitation program for the CEO and the executive team. The off-site retreat focused on building a cohesive team and exploring tools and resources to enhance team dynamics and organizational performance. Certified Interwest facilitators also administered the AEM-Cube Team Dynamics Assessment tool which improved communication, created stronger executive team alignment, and enhanced mission clarity.

Leadership Development Training

Client: Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Interwest was excited to provide Team Building and Leadership Development training for all divisions within the OC Sheriff’s Department including Patrol Operations, Coroner, OC Crime Lab, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and Investigations. Procedures were put in place to improve their hiring and promotional processes in order to create a more connected and fulfilled work environment and culture. The results of successful team building and leadership training allowed the OC Sheriff’s Department to understand the need for, and steps involved in, rebuilding an organization with insights from all levels and divisions of the workforce.

Leadership and Culture Enhancement Project

Client: City of Eastvale

As a part of a Leadership and Company Culture Enhancement Project, Interwest provided the City staff with Team Building and Leadership Development training. Our team also provided a Priority Setting workshop for City managers and existing City staff in order to help the team implement the strategic goals into a daily work plan. Additionally, Interwest set up one-on-one Executive Coaching workshops to members of the executive team in an effort to grow their professional development, supervisor skills, and establish creative methods for tackling challenging and sensitive public policy issues.

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