Supplement Your Revenue with a Temporary Transfer of Water Rights

Looking for alternative sources of revenue? Have you considered a short-term or temporary water transfer?

More and more cities are temporarily transferring a portion of their surface water and groundwater rights via a one-time transaction which serves to create an untapped revenue source for sellers and helps to stretch California’s water supplies in dry times for buyers. Whether it’s surface or groundwater, you may be able to make a temporary transfer of water without risk to your permanent water rights. A temporary water transfer is just that, a one-time, temporary transfer of a portion of a seller’s water right to a willing buyer.

Interwest staff have successfully led multiple temporary water transfers for public agencies in California resulting in millions of dollars of additional revenue to selling agencies. Our team has experience with permitting the transfer of both surface and groundwater.

Click here to learn more about water transfers and reach out to our staff to see if this makes sense for your agency.


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