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March 27, 2020

Interwest attended the Mobility 21 Conference in Anaheim, CA. This was Interwest’s first time attending this conference, but, given the tremendous growth in our Transportation Engineering, Planning, and Right of Way business lines, we hope it’s the first of many appearances.

On September 27 Interwest Consulting Group made its inaugural appearance at the Mobility 21 conference to promote our Real Estate/Right of Way (as CPSI), Transportation Engineering, and Planning business lines. The organization and one-day annual summit (themed “Beyond the Limits”) brings together industry leaders, agencies, public officials, and community stakeholders invested in the pursuit of regional solutions to the transportation challenges across southern California. This year, the summit hosted over 1500 attendees and 150 booth sponsors including a co-branded booth by Interwest and the newly acquired CPSI. Interwest conference attendees included Kent Jorgensen (Corporate Broker and Real Estate Leader), Nick Pergakas (Director of Planning), and Nicole Jules (Transportation Engineer). Interwest looks forward to attending the conference in the years to come!

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