Resources and News Interwest Partners with the City of Laguna Woods to Provide Building Department Services

March 8, 2022

LAGUNA WOODS, CALaguna Woods has enlisted the services of Interwest Consulting Group, A SAFEbuilt Company (Interwest) to manage and coordinate their Building/Permitting Department.

The City plays a critical role in providing high-quality, dependable, and accessible solutions to their residents. Interwest’s Bill Hayes, CBO, who is serving as Building Official for the City, and the Interwest team will serve as an extension of city staff.  “The Laguna Woods Community has come to expect a high level of support from their local government—this includes reliable building inspections and an easy to use permitting process,” Bill states.

Aligned with the standards held by Laguna Woods, Interwest underwent a thorough evaluation process prior to partnering with the City. The process, which began in October 2021, included the review of a formal proposal followed by a series of interviews.  “The Interwest team understood that the interview process would be a challenging one,” Sr. Director of Business Development for Interwest, Steve Nero shares, “but we were confident that our extensive capabilities, local experience, and sheer determination to show the City that we are the best team for Laguna Woods, would shine through and result in a great partnership.”

Interwest’s Laguna Woods team is comprised of a Building Official, plan reviewers, inspectors, and permit technicians. They will work closely with City staff to help streamline building department services and improve the daily lives of those in the Laguna Woods community.

Interwest’s partnership with the City of Laguna Woods began on February 7, 2022.

About Interwest

With nearly 20 years of experience in the California market and the extended capabilities of their parent company, SAFEbuilt, Interwest supports a wide variety of clients with the highest level of service, expertise, and resources to municipalities and sovereign nations throughout the state.

Interwest maintains the largest staff of building safety professionals in California. With a deep bench of more than 250 building professionals dedicated to providing building safety services, their team of qualified and experienced professionals are available to support their clients with scalable solutions to meet workload demands. Interwest offers a diverse scope of community development services which makes them a reliable, one-source partner, capable of tackling time-sensitive projects with customized solutions.

SOURCE Interwest, A SAFEbuilt Company

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