Resources and News Interwest Consulting Group Joins Community Development Services Leader SAFEbuilt, updates corporate identity

May 17, 2021

ELK GROVE, CA – May 17, 2021 – SAFEbuilt, a leading community development services company, announces the completion of the integration of Interwest Consulting Group (Interwest) into the SAFEbuilt family of companies. As part of this process, Interwest subsidiaries Kutzmann, EsGil, and Broadspec will now be fully absorbed into the Interwest brand.

This has led to the need to rebrand in the form of a new Interwest website ( and updated visual identity, both of which launched today. The legacy websites for Kutzmann, EsGil, and BroadSpec now automatically redirect to the new site.

The brands, logos, locations, and employees from Kutzmann, BroadSpec, and EsGil will all be completely integrated into Interwest, and will conduct business under one unified company brand in California.

“Over the past year, we met with our clients and determined that in California, the Interwest brand was the most recognizable and scalable,” Paul Meschino, Interwest’s vice president of operations in California, said. “We’re confident that while Interwest is evolving to a single California brand, the people and service we deliver every day will remain the same. In fact, our clients will continue to work with the same people as before, and will also benefit from an expanded footprint, offering, and team.”

Interwest is now able to fully realize the benefits of being a part of the SAFEbuilt family of companies, including enhanced technology, more scalable systems, and processes designed to improve quality and efficiency for all their California clients, he added.

SAFEbuilt Chief Revenue Officer, Joe DeRosa, echoes those sentiments and adds that integrating Interwest into the SAFEbuilt family is a natural fit.

“SAFEbuilt’s mission is to help build better, safer communities,” he said. “The addition of an industry leader, like Interwest, helps us fulfill that mission–both in California and from a national perspective.”

By transitioning into one California brand, Interwest–now a SAFEbuilt company–will remain the leading provider of community development, building department, and professional services in the state.

About SAFEbuilt

SAFEbuilt is a leading outsourced building and professional services provider that improves flexibility, minimizes disruptions, and increases speed to revenue for more than 1,500 communities nationwide. Offering a breadth of professional services and support options, SAFEbuilt helps communities achieve their growth goals while meeting their budget needs. To learn more, visit

About Interwest

With nearly 20 years of experience in the California market and the extended capabilities of its parent company, SAFEbuilt, Interwest is the leading provider of community development, building department, and professional services to a wide variety clients, municipalities, and sovereign nations throughout the state. To learn more, visit

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