Mohammad Ahmed

IT Services

“Be in the moment and be good to others.”

Serving as both a City employee and a consultant, Mohammad has over 13 years of experience in the IT industry. His knowledge and expertise spans from assisting with daily technical issues to analyzing and managing large project-related tasks. Mohammad has consistently been an asset and wealth of knowledge to our clients. He continues to set a high standard by updating his skill set through various training programs and seminars in order to stay current with the technologies needed to serve our clients.

Mohammad approaches challenges with an eagerness to provide new and creative solutions and enjoys introducing clients to new technology that they may not have been aware was accessible to them. He appreciates working in an environment that supports his “people first” mentality and his dedication to going the extra mile, rather than only pushing services and costs.

While he has many professional and academic accomplishments to be proud of, including recently earning an MBA, Mohammad is most proud of his family and is happiest spending time with them, preferably in a remote island setting in the Mediterranean or Maldives. The rest of the time, he enjoys the simple things like playing basketball or having a warm chocolate chip cookie.