Kent Jorgensen

Real Estate Services

“All you can ask someone is to do their best.”

With more than 29 years of experience in project management and business development for the Right of Way and Real Estate industries, Kent has become an experienced real estate broker and an expert in managing projects within a budget and ahead of schedule.

In nearly three decades, Kent has managed and executed approximately 5,000 acquisitions, relocation and property management cases and has also written more than 250 acquisitions, as well as policies and procedures for federal, state, and local agencies.

Kent grew up in the Midwest and also spent time working in Washington D.C. as an assistant to Senator Bob Kerry during the Agricultural crisis addressing high-profile cases that experienced significant financial hardship, but the accomplishment he is most proud of is developing a new football helmet with the University of Nebraska. When Kent is not at work, he also enjoys watching the latest blockbuster movies.