Jacob Green

Managing Director
Emergency Management Organization and Leadership Development

“To lead a symphony, you must sometimes turn your back on the crowd.”

Jacob is a nationally recognized leadership and change management expert, and an Amazon bestselling author of “See Change Clearly: Leveraging Adversity to Sharpen Your Vision and Build Resilient Teams.”

As an accomplished local government executive, Jacob is committed to helping public and private organizations navigate through change and crisis situations, enhance service delivery, and build resilient teams. He has received numerous awards for his work, including being a recipient of the National Caring Award in Washington DC., Gene Lentzner Humanitarian Award, and was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Western University.

Jacob values a true and honest partnership, so he strives to continue making Interwest an environment where great relationships with clients are encouraged. When Jacob is not at the office supporting his team and clients, he is traveling with his wife and kids, anywhere and everywhere!