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We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your needs before we make the magic happen. Browse through our featured projects below and reach out if you'd like us to be part of yours.

  • New Sacramento Courthouse | Judicial Council of California (JCC)

    New Sacramento Courthouse | Judicial Council of California (JCC)

    The new Sacramento Courthouse will include a 17-stories with a basement, high-rise, courthouse building, approximately 325 feet in height and 566,895 sq. ft. in area. The building’s highest occupied floor (level 17) is 285-9” above the lowest floor level having building access (level G). The building is classified as a high-rise building and is therefore required to meet an additional set of requirements (structural fire water supply, emergency systems, means of egress and elevators), outlined in section 403 of the CBC. The project is presently in the Plan Review phase. Interwest is reviewing structural, MEP, energy compliance, and CalGreen compliance. Additionally, Interwest is performing structural peer review. The $460 million project is designed to achieve LEED® Silver certification. Completion is slated for December 2022.
  • Downtown Commons Tower | City of Sacramento

    Downtown Commons Tower | City of Sacramento

    The Downtown Commons Sacramento Tower is a 16-story mixed-use tower located adjacent to the new Golden 1 Center, and is a significant component of the new Downtown Commons (formerly Downtown Plaza). At 634,357 gross sq. ft., the Tower includes a public lobby, 45,000 sq. ft. of retail, 35,000 sq. ft. of office space for the team and arena management, a 250-room Kimpton hotel, and 44 residential units, all above two levels of below-grade parking. Occupancy classifications include A-2, A-3, B, M R-1, R-2, S and S-2, with Type IA fully sprinkled construction. The first three levels include retail space, restaurant space, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, ballrooms, a pool deck and back-of-house spaces. Level 4 is office space, Levels 5 through 10 are hotel space, and Level 11 through 16 are residential (R2) space. Interwest provided complete plan review services for this project on behalf of the City of Sacramento. The Interwest team has successfully assisted the City, the design team and the Owner to implement and execute a very aggressive phased permitting schedule, allowing this significant and complicated project to move quickly into construction well in advance of a complete design package.
  • Hollywood Park | City of Inglewood

    Hollywood Park | City of Inglewood

    Interwest staff is performing complete architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plan review for this proposed mixed-use development which will include retail and office space with associated parking. The amenities for the outdoor mall with entertainment venues include Plaza’s, Chef’s Garden, Basketball Court, Outdoor Seating, Stage, Children’s Play Area, Loading Docks, and Promenade. The project consists of two phases encompassing a 28.5-acre site, 24 buildings of type 2B and Type 4 Construction with a combined area of approximately 516,094 square feet. The project will include Occupancy Groups A-1, A-2, A-5, B, and M. The proposed MU-4 office and parking structure project consists of a 7-story high-rise tower with a partial basement, connected to a two-story studio support facility, and an adjacent studio structure. The tower includes 395,000 square feet of shell space for a planned Group B Occupancy; the studio support facility is 36,000 square feet that is primarily Group B Occupancy; and the studio structure is 22,000 square feet of Group F-1 occupancy. All three components will be considered a single building of Type 1B construction for the purpose of allowable height and area, life-safety system, and energy compliance. The tower and studio support facility will be designed for Risk Category 3 per 2016 CBC Table 1604.5; the studio will be structurally separated to allow it to be designed for risk category 2. The office building will be constructed as a shell building with built out elevator lobbies. The associated parking structure is an approximately 320,000 square feet four levels and 953 stalls, which will be Occupancy Group S-2 and will be constructed of Type 2B construction and surface parking areas. The project also includes site development with landscaping, drop off and loading zones, as well as access drives to a seven-story, approximately 550,000 square feet parking structure to accommodate approximately 1,650 parking spaces. The parking structure will be type 1A construction with separated Group S-2 and H-2 occupancy. All buildings will be fully fire-sprinklered.
  • California ISO Headquarters

    California ISO Headquarters

    Interwest provided complete plan review and consultation services for this $115 million facility complex. This project achieved LEED Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council. The site is 25 acres with three seismically-separated wings encompassing approximately 277,000 gross square feet, with four levels. Occupancy groups for this project are A2, A3, B and S1; the type of construction is Type 1-B. Each wing is constructed using a different structural system: Precast concrete bearing walls, structural steel special moment resisting frames, and hybrid precast concrete moment frames (or PRESSS). The PRESSS system was not recognized in the current code, and was reviewed and approved under an alternate materials request. Our team provided all plan review services for this state-of-the-art award winning multi-story office complex which included a multi-level post tensioned parking structure.
  • Goodman Commerce Center and Amazon Warehouse | City of Eastvale

    Goodman Commerce Center and Amazon Warehouse | City of Eastvale

    Adjacent to I-15 between Cantu-Galleano Ranch Road and Bellegrave Avenue, the Goodman Commerce Center in Eastvale is one of the largest, mixed-use developments in Southern California. This 200-acre development will include a business park, retail, and (2) 1 million square foot Amazon warehouses, expected to employ 4,000+ people. The actual square footage under the roof of Building #1 is 3 million, as it contains multiple levels of platforms inside. It also contains 12 miles of conveyor system and 120,000 cubic yards of concrete. Interwest performed rough and precise grading plan review for the project site, including drainage and erosion reports and hydrology and hydraulics calculations. Our team also provided building and MEP plan check for all project components, structural review of the warehouse foundation, as well as, structural and electrical review of the warehouse’s roof-mounted Solar PV System. This impactful project was a complex undertaking that required considerable resources from the City as well as the Interwest team.
  • Civic Center Campus | City of Lake Forest

    Civic Center Campus | City of Lake Forest

    In April 2018, Interwest began providing complete turnkey Building and Safety services to the City of Lake Forest, particularly the Civic Center Campus. This 12.5-acre facility is the heart and social center of the Lake Forest community. The Civic Center Campus is comprised of the City Hall Building, Community Center, Council Chambers, Senior Center and Parking Structure. The estimated cost of construction was approximately $60 million. Although there was no formal RFP process, Interwest was selected to provide all plan check and inspection services. Our team at Interwest consisted of onsite professionals who delivered complete plan checks, engineering services, inspections, and electrical services. A member of the Interwest team, who also serves as CBO for Lake Forest, was directly involved in the plan review of the parking structure as well as the other four buildings. One challenge our team faced during implementation was ensuring the secure placement of the building’s solar panels. Upon inspection, it was discovered that high winds caused the solar panels to continuously be pulled upward and out of place. Our Interwest team quickly reviewed the issue with the building’s architectural designers and after collaborating, found a solution of adding extra pinpoint connectors in addition to the 4 pinpoints the solar panels already had, securing them in place on all sides. City of Lake Forest was awarded CALBO’s 2018-2019 Building Department of the Year Award, setting itself apart with excellent and responsive customer service. The City of Lake Forest Building Department has serviced over nine thousand walk-in customers, has performed over twenty-four thousand inspections and has issued almost three thousand permits. To this day, the City of Lake Forest continues to accomplish many goals while maintaining excellent customer service all while adding value to its communities.
  • UC Merced 2020 Project

    UC Merced 2020 Project

    Interwest is providing Building Plan Review, Fire Plan Review and Inspection Services for the University’s 2020 Campus Expansion Project which will provide 14 new buildings, including teaching and research facilities, housing, athletics and support space to accommodate 10,000 students. This goal of having adequate facilities to double its current student body in just four years, along with the innovative design/build/develop/ maintain project delivery method adopted for this project, has created some unique challenges for project delivery. In response, our Building Safety and IT teams have worked together to develop and implement a complete building department system, including a robust plan review, permit issuance, and building inspection tracking software system for all fire and building components, as well as plan review and inspections for all utility systems.
  • Baker Ranch (Housing Project)

    Baker Ranch (Housing Project)

    Baker Ranch is currently the City’s largest scale residential development, including approximately 2,379 single-and multi-family homes with varying floor plans. The development offers several amenities with private recreational centers complete with swimming pools and neighborhood parks with a baseball field as well as a full basketball court. Baker Ranch also contains 10 community parks totaling 33.44 acres. Our team at Interwest Consulting Group has been involved in Engineering and Building Plan Review, Permit Processing, and Inspection. The commencement of construction on this large-scale development has also caused a significant increase in demand for inspections. Anticipating this, our team collaborated with EnerGov staff to create eLakeForest, a portal that allows contractors to schedule their inspections online. As implementation continued, Interwest also brought on an additional inspector to help the City address the workload.
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