100 employees, Building Safety services, and office openings

With steady organic growth and through word of mouth, we reached our 100-employee milestone in 2006. Starting with 81 employees at the end of 2005, we grew to 143 employees by the end of the following year. The size of our company today is due to this continued organic growth as well as the mergers and acquisitions we’ve made since.

Another milestone this year was opening our first Southern California office location in Long Beach, California, to better serve our growing client population in the region. We opened another Southern California office in Huntington Beach in 2010.

Plus, we added Building & Safety to our mix of services in 2006, and it would prove to become one of the largest and fastest growing divisions for Interwest, expanding to include sub-services such as Building Plan Review, Building Inspection, Code Compliance, and more. With this addition, we also opened our office in Roseville, California. Building Safety has since evolved into what we now call Building Department Services.

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