Monitor Program Effectiveness
Agency Coordination on Joint Projects
Community Outreach
Work with Utility Agencies on Relocations
Ensure Environmental Regulation Compliances
Advanced Project Planning
Bid & Award Contracts

Manage Federally Funded Projects

Constructability Reviews & Value Engineering
Office Engineering Services
Traffic Signals & Street Lighting Inspection
SWPP Inspection
Capital Projects Inspection
Development Inspection
Entitlement Preliminary Review & Conditioning
Environment Document Review
Improvement Plan Check / Map Check
Drainage Engineering, Inspection and Management
Building & Safety Admin, Plan Review, Code Inspection
Building Permits
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Portal for ArcGIS
ArcGIS for Local Governments
ArcGIS Online for Organizations
Local Government GIS Services
Enterprise Web GIS Tools
GIS Project Management
GIS Integration with Enterprise Systems
GIS Assessment and Startup
Land Records/Development with GIS
GIS Integration with Public Safety Computer Aided Dispatch
Automation of Routine GIS Data Tasks
Mobile Data Collection
Revenue Database Streamline / Audits
Route Analysis for Integrated Waste
Email Server Set-Up and Configuration

File Server Set-Up and Maintenance

Corporate Anti-Virus
Citrix and Remote Access
Network and Domain Configuration
Back-Up Server Set-Up and Support
Software Analysis
Internet Connectivity Set-Up
Intranet Implementations
Desktop Implementations
Feasibility Studies
Residential Development
Commercial Development
Public Facilities
Sustainable Design
Capital Improvements
Development Support Services
Water Resources
Real Estate Services
Geographic Information Systems
Traffic Engineering
Building and Safety Department
Maintenance Operations
Transportation Programming
Construction Services
Transportation Planning
Project Management
Relocation Assistance
Land Acquisition Process
Condemnation Support
Collision Analysis
General Traffic Investigations & Data Collection
Operation & Maintenance of Transportation Management Center
Plan Check for Both Public & Private Projects
Resolution Speed Limit Program
Site Plan Review
Traffic Calming
Traffic Control Design / Review
Traffic Impact Studies
Traffic Signal Design
Traffic Signal Timing
Traffic Signing, Striping Design & Review
Traffic Impact Studies
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Planning
Intersection, Roadway and Highway Design
Roundabout Design
Traffic Control Plans
Channelization & Pavement Marking Plans
Pedestrian Bridge / Underpass
Act as Regional and interagency Committees Liaison
Monitor and Amend Federally Funded Projects
Ensure Compliance of Federal Project Listings
Track Activities and Policies
Strategic Plannng for CIP Projects
Technical Regional Transit Planning
National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program Audit Services
National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Services
Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP) Inspection Services
Storm Water Pollution Plan (SWPPP) Design and Plan Review Services
Storm Water Program Management Services
Storm Water Training, Certification and Outreach Services
Water Resources Engineering Services



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