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Transportation Programming Services

Act as Regional and Interagency Committees Liaison

Interwest can act on behalf of your agency to advocate for policies and actions that will deliver maximum results in project funding and development. Our staff augmentation model allows Interwest to be seen as a member of your staff and not just another consultant. We meet with your staff and the staff of other agencies on a regular basis to form strong partnerships. We also provide consultation to staff managers and supervisors on best practices allowing for more effective management and delivery.

Additionally, our staff can provide instructions to a region's member agencies. This process not only helps those agencies in delivery of their projects, but it also helps the staff in the planning and programming process.

Monitor and Amend Federally Funded Projects

Interwest can constantly monitor changes in funding programs from various sources. More importantly, we can monitor projects to identify opportunities for increased funding or potentially to move funds to immediately deliverable projects.

Ensure Compliance of Federal Project Listings

Interwest has vast experience in the functions of Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies. We can help ensure your projects are properly positioned for funding when the time comes to deliver. Our staff works closely with your MPO/RTPA and with other funding agencies to ensure there are no delays when it comes to funding

Track Legislation and Develop Legislative Policy Positions

Interwest monitors changes in legislation and policies that affect transportation funding. This is done from the local level up to the federal level. We will provide briefs to those stakeholders and provide recommendations on how best to react. When possible, we will be proactive in the development of policies as they affect project development.

Strategic Planning for CIP Projects

As members of your staff we work closely with CIP managers and public works departments to monitor and advise on project delivery strategies. We can identify availability of funds and work with the Department of Transportation and other regional agencies to ensure timely project development.

Technical Regional Transit/Transportation Planning

Interwest can assist your staff with the development of transit plans and studies and manage consultants, RFPs, and RFQs. We have worked with various transit districts on a wide variety of projects from smaller rural agencies to regional transit entities. Our staff can provide consultation service with the Federal Transit Administration and filling out grants and other important documentation

Transportation Programming
Act as Regional and interagency Committees Liaison
Monitor and Amend Federally Funded Projects
Ensure Compliance of Federal Project Listings
Track Activities and Policies
Strategic Plannng for CIP Projects
Technical Regional Transit Planning
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