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Storm Water Management Services

Water Resources Engineering Services

We provide storm water quality compliance management, new development drainage study and plan review, operations and maintenance administration, and planning of drainage and flood control facilities. Our mission is to protect residents and businesses from damage due to flooding, preserve natural areas, and protect water quality.

  • Drainage Operations & Maintenance
  • Storm Drain Infrastructure Planning
  • Storm Response
  • Planning Assistance
  • Water Quality Compliance
  • Review Drainage Studies & Plans for New Development
  • Federal/State Agency Interface, Permitting & Compliance
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency Floodplain Administration
  • Storm Water Utility Administration
  • Public Interface

Drainage Operations & Maintenance

Interwest engineers can implement procedures and programs for maintenance of catch basins, sumps, storm drain pipes, creeks and channels, detention basins, levees and pump stations to minimize flooding. We also communicate with the public, in-house staff, and local community groups to identify and prioritize a list of flood prone areas and schedule maintenance work.

Interwest can develop a GIS storm drainage database and map the storm drainage infrastructure. Such a system will provide a central location for accurate and up-to-date storm drainage information and will simplify the management of incoming and continually changing storm drain information. A GIS database will also centralize easement and ownership information to assist field maintenance crews as well as simplify the management of property ownership and access rights.

Storm Drain Infrastructure Planning

Our group can identify and prioritize local agency drainage issues and prepare a storm drain infrastructure master plan. We can also prepare a Capital Improvement Program to allocate and administer funds collected from the storm drainage facility impact fee.

Storm Response

We can develop and implement storm response strategies to maintain and operate adequate and safe flood control facilities. We also monitor weather conditions during the wet season and alert storm response teams of heavy storm forecasts. After storm events, we analyze precipitation data to identify storm affected areas and mobilize personnel for appropriate post storm event maintenance.

Planning Assistance

We assist the Planning Department with preparing their recommendations regarding flood plain issues on habitable land. We also identify critical constraints and notify site developers to ensure they comply with the Flood Plain Ordinance.

Water Quality Compliance

We cooperate with local agency partners to create and implement storm water quality compliance guidelines as mandated by the Regional Water Quality Control Board National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements.

Our staff provides guidance to the Plan Check, entitlement groups, and development community by interpreting the Regional Water Quality Control Board permit requirements and associated water quality compliance guidelines. We also conduct public outreach campaigns as required by NDPES to make the public aware of critical water quality issues.

Review Drainage Studies & Plans for New Development

Interwest can deliver technical and material support to upper management and in-house staff regarding complex hydraulic and hydrological related issues. We can also review development plans submitted by private developers for compliance with drainage and floodplain management policies, local agency standards, drainage ordinances, and floodplain development policies.

Federal/State Agency Interface, Permitting, & Compliance

Cooperate with US Army Corp of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife, and California State Department of Fish and Game to secure agency permits and agreements required for reoccurring annual maintenance events and unique one-time projects. Provide interpretation and technical assistance to in-house staff and management on secured permits.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Floodplain Administration

Interwest can administer a city’s Federal Emergency Management Agency National Flood Insurance Program by reviewing development plans to ensure applicants are made aware of potential flood plain issues. We can present flood zone information to homeowners, business owners, and developers regarding the flood zone designation of their properties.

Storm Water Utility Fund Administration

Interwest can make recommendations on the allocation of storm drain utility funds for upgrades, repairs, or maintenance of storm drains, capital improvement projects, and commission of special drainage studies.

We can also administer the funds and assign them to appropriate budget categories such as engineering operations, maintenance operations, flood control, master drainage capital improvement project planning, storm response, and water quality operation programs.

Public Interface

Interwest can meet with developers, political figures, property owners, and the general public to address specific drainage issues and answer any questions regarding the City’s Storm Drain Ordinance and drainage laws. Providing such a public interface can create much goodwill.
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