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Project Management/Consultation

One of the most important elements of any project is the schedule. Interwest project managers are keenly aware of the importance of developing a schedule that considers all the facets involved in delivering a project. Our years of experience enable us to develop a schedule that can be relied upon to deliver projects on time. As part of our project management service we monitor the schedule throughout the life of the project as well as monitor the budget and stakeholder interests. Our team understands the regulatory environment and laws that guide the activities of public land acquisition and we are there to ensure that the project is operating in compliance. Our project managers update our clients with regular ongoing progress reports with the status of all real estate activities.


As part of our core services Interwest offers a support role in developing preliminary budgets and right-of-way estimates during the feasibility studies. In addition, our team holds the credentials necessary to prepare and sign the right-of-way data sheets and estimates on projects with Caltrans oversight. Our appraiser sub-consultant teams, experienced in performing appraisal for public land acquisition, are brought in to provide the full array of appraisal services, from full or part-take acquisitions, easement valuation, eminent domain, and appraisal review. The appraisal reports are prepared in conformance with and subject to the requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice (USPAP) of the Appraisal Foundation.


A key component to a successful land acquisition project is assembling a team of professionals that have the interpersonal skills to successfully interface with the public. Our team strives to build trust with the impacted property owner to achieve a successful outcome that is viewed by all parties as a win/win. Interfacing with the public may involve negotiating on a limited scale, from obtaining a Right of Entry, to conducting soil sampling, to negotiating a more complex full acquisition of a business that would require relocation assistance. Our team has the interpersonal and technical skills to handle the variety of right-of-way situations from the most complex to those that have minimal impact.

Relocation Assistance

Our team is equipped with the experience and knowledge to offer relocation assistance to businesses or residences that may be displaced as a result of a public improvement project. The extent of the relocation services may require a temporary move or interim property management duties to manage the properties until the structures are demolished and/or relocated. In addition, we have the necessary experience to develop relocation plans as part of the preliminary project activities. All relocation activities are performed in accordance with the provisions of the Uniform Act 42 U.S.C. 4601 et seq. and implementing regulations found in 49 CFR 24.

Land Acquisition Process - Public Outreach

One of our strengths is our ability to address the human element involved in the public land acquisition process. We establish relationships with the impacted property owners early in the process by conducting community meetings on large-scale projects, or individual meetings on smaller projects, to build trust and put a face on the individual who will be dealing with the property owners. We strive to build a voice of credibility and to educate the community and the impacted property owner of their rights under the law.

Condemnation Support

Interwest understands the importance of a successful negotiation with a property owner. However, there are times when an amicable agreement cannot be reached in time to deliver a critical public improvement project or to ensure that public funding is not compromised. It is in those cases that condemnation support may be necessary. Our staff is well versed in the eminent domain process and will aid the legal team in drafting the necessary documents to commence the condemnation process and conduct the Resolution of Necessity hearing.

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