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Paul Junker

Paul provides planning and management services to Cities and Counties throughout California. He brings more than 30 years of experience providing a broad range of planning services in the public and private sectors including management of several general plan updates, processing of urban development projects, environmental analysis of projects ranging from tentative maps to specific plans and general plans, preparation of jurisdiction-wide open space and farmland preservation plans, site-specific development proposals to citywide and countywide policy planning assignments, and consensus-oriented resource planning programs. Paul's experience providing planning services to numerous cities and counties throughout California combined with his educational background in landscape architecture provide him with a strong understanding of how people interact with the built environment and how land uses can combine to create vibrant places.

Eric Norris

Eric provides planning and management services to cities and counties throughout California. He brings to his work more than 30 years of experience, including: preparing and managing the processing of major projects, including General Plans for several California cities and counties; serving as Planning Director / Planning Manager for several California cities; and preparing various planning studies, ordinances, resolutions as needed to implement policy direction from City Councils. Eric excels at finding creative solutions to problems, including making the most of limited budgets. His work on the City of Calimesa General Plan was highlighted by the State of California Department of Conservation Strategic Growth Council as an example of maximizing the benefit of the Council's grant to the City.

Nick Pergakes, AICP

Nick is an AICP certified planner with more than 20 years of experience in land use and transportation planning, urban design, and zoning codes. He has worked in both the public and private sectors as an urban planner, urban designer, project manager, and team manager. Nick has overseen and prepared award-winning master plans, specific plans, corridor studies, and zoning/form-based codes in cities across California and the Southeastern U.S. As a member of the American Planning Association and Congress for New Urbanism, Nick presents regularly at conferences on downtown revitalization, transit-oriented development, and form-based codes. His research has been published by ITE and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Kanika Kith

Kanika has a Masters in Public Administration and Policy, with over 15 years of experience working in local government managing and processing development proposals for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, including the California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act. Kanika's current planning experience includes processing small to large-scale residential, commercial, industrial, and public park projects. Kanika is experienced in working with historic structures and resources, from reviewing historic or landmarked single-family homes and non-residential structures for renovation or landmark designation to working with community members for a reconstruction of a historic amphitheater. Kanika's experience also includes drafting long-range planning documents, managing consultants, supervising planning staff and working within budget and shortened timelines

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