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Interwest Consulting Group provide staļ¬ƒng and project services to more than 200 public agencies spanning a multitude of disciplines including City Engineering, Planning, Public Works, and Building and Safety throughout the western U.S. Our Planning and Urban Design Group expands our traditional range of services into the realm of Planning, while maintaining our focus on serving the needs of public agency clients. Our planners have extensive experience working on planning at every step in the process, from the creation of General Plans, Zoning Codes, Specific Plans, and other specialized Planning documents to the processing of development plans for individual buildings. This broad range of experience enables us to provide staff who are able to work on projects at any stage, from a policy level to the review of construction documents.

Our key planning team brings more than 70 years of combined experience in all areas of planning, unified under the philosophy of public agency service. Our experience in the realm of current planning, which includes establishing and managing Planning departments for a variety of California cities, influences our work on General Plans, Zoning Codes, and other planning documents. Our planning documents are clear, readable, simple, and work in the "real world" environment of the public counter or the plan checker's desk, where the vague, poorly worded policy statements often found in General Plans and Zoning Codes are of little use to the planner.

Interwest's broad range of in-house expertise also means that our Planning and Urban Design Group has direct access to advice from the best professionals in the business. Our experience, which includes working on a daily basis with staff in our Public Works and Building groups, shows that collaboration among these disciplines is both essential and rewarding.

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