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Monitor Program Effectiveness

Interwest manages and offers a wide range of professional services in order to deliver a comprehensive approach to successful project delivery. Our staff of experienced project managers oversee all phases of a project from first concept through design and construction, and collaborate with other staff to execute key undertakings such as compliance with environmental regulations and maximizing funding for our client’s projects. A program manager and key administrative staff also work in partnership with project managers to ensure that program milestones are met, funding strategies are implemented, and long-term planning of anticipated transportation priorities are reviewed annually.

Coordinate With Other Agencies on Joint Projects

Early collaboration is a technique that Interwest uses to ensure the key stakeholders provide early input in the project development process in order to minimize costly changes later. We have direct experience in working with State Departments of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife, and of course local jurisdictions which share common borders to the capital project. Key to this process is to follow up with agencies on each of their concerns with a menu of options to resolve the issue and keeping an open dialogue with the agencies throughout the project.

Community Outreach

Successful capital project delivery includes an assessment of politically and community sensitive issues that impact the project concept, design, and schedule. Interwest does not approach community outreach with a “check the box” attitude, but rather, views the community as essential to the development project. Similar to Interwest’s approach of involving key stakeholders early, Interwest develops a community outreach plan as part of every capital project. The plan may range in sophistication and complexity from a menu of outreach strategies including public workshops, newsletters, individual stakeholder meetings, open houses, and meetings with businesses. Efforts are taken in advance to get the key stakeholders, community groups, neighborhood associations to the table and to develop a comprehensive mailing list to keep the stakeholders informed.

Work With Utility Agencies on Relocations

Minimizing costly delays in the construction schedule is accomplished through utility coordination. Interwest believes one can never start too early when it comes to involvement of utilities. We work with clients to develop standing meetings with utility companies to go over capital projects.

Ensure Environmental Regulation Compliance

Interwest’s seasoned project managers ensure that all local, state, and federal regulations are met as a project is designed and constructed. Project managers collaborate with a project development team that includes an environmental planner who identifies the applicable regulations during preparation of the environmental documents. Typically, the regulations and permits include mitigation measures such as on-site protection of wetlands and other sensitive areas, protection of endangered species, and construction of new facilities to enhance the local habitat. Some permits allow the purchase of credits for environmental impacts caused by a construction project. Our project managers ensure that the mitigation measures are included in the bid documents in a way that are biddable, buildable, and cost effective.

Provide Advanced Project Planning

Advanced project planning is our comprehensive approach to administering a transportation program which involves a wide range of activities including:

  • Study the need for, and the feasibility of, specific transportation improvements.
  • Participate in regional transportation planning efforts and coordinate with outside agencies.
  • Identify funding needs and securing outside funding opportunities.
  • Develop a Pavement Management Program.
  • Develop the Transportation Improvement Program.

Bid and Award Contracts

Staff assists project managers with the entire process of bid and award of contracts from assembling project plans and specifications through notice of award to contractor. Other key steps in the process include:

  • Coordinate project advertisement in local papers.
  • Provide documents and plans to bidders.
  • Keep track of all of those who have purchased or have shown interest in the project.
  • Send out any and all addenda/correspondence as necessary.
  • Provide pre-bid meeting services.
  • Coordinate the bid opening with the client (date, time and place).
  • Create a staff report and resolution awarding the project to the best responsive low bidder.
  • Send a notice of award to Council of approved contractor along with contract documents.
  • Coordinate with contractor to sign contract.
  • Coordinate with client prepare fully executed contract.
  • Submit notice of award to contractor which includes a start date.

Manage Federally Funded Projects

Interwest serves our clients by seeking federal and state grants and other funding to help pay for the many projects that we manage for our clients. We continue to ensure that our clients receive Federal and State Aided Funding on all eligible projects we manage. We have developed a strong relationship with some of the major contributors of Federal and State Financial Aid including The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Caltrans, The Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), as well as other federal, state, and local agencies. These strong working relationships, along with Interwest’s diligence in invoicing for reimbursement of funds, allow our clients to receive their financial aid funding in a timely and efficient manner. Our staff also ensures that our clients remain in compliance with all federal and state regulations. We continue to manage our clients’ Disadvantage Business Enterprise Programs and monitor their compliance with environmental laws and policies.

Capital Projects
Monitor Program Effectiveness
Agency Coordination on Joint Projects
Community Outreach
Work with Utility Agencies on Relocations
Ensure Environmental Regulation Compliances
Advanced Project Planning
Bid & Award Contracts

Manage Federally Funded Projects

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