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Life Safety & Structural Plan Review

Interwest offers plan reviewers. Our plan reviewers are experienced with construction utilizing all types of state-of-the-art structural systems as well as the latest technology in mechanical and electrical systems. Our experience ranges from single-family dwellings to large multi-story buildings, including numerous California schools, colleges, and essential service buildings, commercial buildings, corporate campuses, and industrial facilities. We also offer a wide-range of experience in plan review for accessibility compliance and fire protection services.

Interwest’s non-structural plan examiners have furnished plan review services for a vast array of projects including large commercial, institutional, industrial, retail, and residential projects. Completed plan review projects range from single-story residential projects to complex high rise buildings and numerous building additions and remodels. We are experienced and familiar with the use and application of all current model codes.

Fire Plan Review

Interwest has experienced, licensed, professional fire protection engineers. Our staff can check plans for compliance with all applicable fire code and standard requirements, including but not limited to: ICC Fire Code, Uniform Fire Code, California Fire Code, Life Safety Code, NFPA standards and your local/regional amendments.  

Onsite Civil Plan Review

We have qualified staff to review the design and installation of all on-site improvements including retaining structures, drainage systems, storm water pollution prevention plans, pavement sections, and onsite utilities.

OSHPD 3 & Healthcare Projects

Interwest offers plan review services for healthcare related facilities. We furnish review services for OSHPD 3 clinics, outpatient surgical facilities, assisted living facilities, and additions to acute care hospitals. We understand the complex code criteria applicable to infection control as applied to mechanical and plumbing systems within these types of facilities. We are experienced and knowledgeable with the code requirements, challenges, and issues surrounding design and construction of healthcare facilities. We have assisted clients in California, Nevada, and Utah with healthcare facility plan reviews.

Third Party Review

If your plan review staff has shrunk along with your consultant plan review budget but you find you still need plan reviews, consider a “Third Party” agency. Interwest is a consultant plan review agency and a third-party provider to many jurisdictions throughout California, Nevada, and Utah.

No contract between the jurisdiction and the reviewing agency is required. There is no budget impact. You are assured of high-quality plan reviews without dealing with the applicant, engineer, architect, or contractor until the permit is ready to be issued. Contact us and we can help you with the guidelines for establishing a Third Party Plan Review.

Accessibility Review

Interwest offers accessibility code review. Our staff is well versed in the application, enforcement, and code development issues related to accessibility concerns. We have performed such reviews on behalf of several municipalities and we have participated at all levels of code development to incorporate such provisions into the model codes. 

Inspection Services

Interwest offers a network of highly trained and certified inspectors who have provided construction inspection services for many complicated or high profile projects. All Interwest inspectors are ICC certified.

We work hard to match a jurisdiction’s level of safety and code compliance and we understand that personality and customer service is key to on-the-job success. Our inspectors are available full-time or as needed. Inspections are usually completed on a next-day basis. Emergency inspections (usually requests that pertain to a serious or urgent life/safety issue) can be provided as they are needed; nights, weekends, and holidays. In addition to their regular duties, our inspectors can perform over-the-counter plan reviews and assist as customer service backs-up at the front counter.

Administrative / Permit Intake Staffing Capabilities

We can provide administrative staff that deliver excellent customer service. Our experienced counter technicians thoroughly understand the development approval process, effectively read plans, and accurately calculate project fees. They are fastidious and efficient at tracking, reporting, and departmentwide communicaitons of permits.

Interim Certified Building Official (CBO) Services

Interwest can offer certified building officials on an interim or vacation relief basis. Our CBOs have indepth knowledge and hands-on understanding of building department operations. Interwest CBOs can assist with daily operations and supervision of staff and will provide high quality customer service to clients; contractors, developers, residents and business owners. Our CBOs are skilled in dealing with complex code issues as well as manuevering through any gray areas of the building codes and routinely serve as instructors at industry seminars on customer service and building department administration.

Code Consulting

Take advantage of our code experts and their expertise. Many of our staff is involved at the highest level of the building codes through commitment to various associations within our industry. We are involved in teaching classes, code development, and serve on numerous committees and boards for organizations in the building code enforcement industry. Our experts teach the latest in code technology for ICC, CALBO, and for many ICC Chapters throughout the western United States. We can answer your questions on the California codes, the Legacy Uniform codes, and the ICC family of codes. Available to represent your jurisdiction on large, highly-visible, or complicated projects, our engineers and plan examiners will provide unbiased recommendations and background information to help you and your staff make informed decisions on code-related issues or understandings. This type of service is unique to Interwest  and is not offered by any other consultant.

Green Building Standards

We offer green consulting. Our staff is up-to-date with the incorporation of green building concepts into project designs and its potential impact from the building code. Our personnel has contributed in the development of various “green” standards for super adobe, rammed earth, and straw bale construction, etc., and regularly participate in seminars, industry meetings, and conferences showcasing new, developing products and standards.

ADA Evaluation & Compliance

Our engineers and architects are fully trained and familiar with ADA compliance regulations and are available for plan review and/or evaluations and consultation. We offer support to municipalities for compliance enforcement and/or developing a transition plan, and successfully partner with the disabled community to address the needs and requirements for both entities. We can assist municipal departments, government agencies, and local communities to explain various issues relating to access compliance, such as access compliance obligations, transition planning, construction costs, construction phasing, code/law interpretation, hardship, and code/law changes.

Disaster Recovery


Building & Safety
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