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Interwest’s Building and Safety team consists of building officials, civil engineers, structural engineers, plan examiners, fire and life safety experts, permit technicians and inspectors. Our staff are certified and registered in their field expertise and have extensive experience working in and with government agencies. We understand the day-to-day operations and have developed methods and systems that work. Our team is familiar with all types of construction and has successfully managed projects from review through inspection to completion.

Whether you have a complex plan review or a key staff member is planning a six-week vacation, we have the people who can solve your problem. We can provide an individual or assemble an entire team depending on your needs. Because we perform services on a full-time or interim basis, we can be a powerful ally in saving your jurisdiction precious dollars in both manpower and resources. When construction levels are high, we step in and free up your staff. When things slow down, we can fade into the background. All this means no costly overhead for you.

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Interwest featured in US Builders Review.

Interwest Consulting Group Inc.: Collaborating for Safer Structures

The year 2012 marked the 10-year anniversary of Interwest Consulting Group Inc. (Interwest). The Interwest team specializes in providing professional and consulting services to municipalities for all services provided by city or county public works, engineering and building departments. (cont.)

Building & Safety
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