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Traffic Engineering & Transportation Planning Projects


Various Traffic Calming Study Areas
Vallejo, CA | 2011 - Present

Airport Way Bus Rapid TransitCollaborated with the community and City staff, to identify traffic issues for three different neighborhoods.  Developed traffic calming plans to address the communities’ traffic issues, which were acceptable to both the Police and Fire Department.  Held public meeting to present the plan and receive feed back. Developed guidelines for when a street should consider traffic calming devices.  Gwen Owens is the Project Manager and Jon Crawford is providing quality assurance and quality control on this project.

Airport Way Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Analysis
Stockton, CA | 2008 - 2009

Airport Way Bus Rapid TransitThis project analyzed existing transit corridors to determine opportunities in developing BRT through the San Joaquin region within its existing infrastructure.

Interwest evaluated the feasibility of locating BRT within existing transportation corridors, tasks involved identifying capital improvement projects planned by the City of Stockton to determine opportunities / constraints of these projects on future BRT. The Interwest team provided recommendations on stops, including identifying existing attractions / destinations, compatibility / concerns for each stop, development of GIS maps of land use along the corridor. Interwest also provided an extensive snapshot of the ultimate corridor and typical cross sections. These recommendations were based upon existing / proposed corridor land-use and minimal right-of-way conflicts.

Clinton Keith/Hidden Springs Signal: Elk Grove-Florin to Poplar Hollow
City of Wildomar, CA | 2010

On behalf of the City, Interwest pursued a safety grant for the improvements and was awarded 100% funding of $100,000 through the Caltrans Highway Safety Improvement Program grant.  The project includes  traffic signal modification comprised of a left-turn traffic signal phasing at Clinton Keith/Hidden Springs Intersection.  It Includes LED signal heads, relocation of illuminated street name signs, installation of pedestrian push button signals, and upgrade of the intersections corners (and curb ramps).   Interwest performed the scoping of the project, traffic investigations, and grant preparation/submittal. Interwest is currently providing project management for the project development phase.

Speed Control Program
Elk Grove, CA | 2008 - 2010

Speed Control ProgramThis program was developed to streamline the Neighborhood Liviablity Progam ultimatley resulting in a  quicker and more efficient implementaiton of speed humps, lumps and tables.  The program allows residents to submit petitions requesting these devices.  Each request is evaluated to determine whether the street qualifies for the program.  Once qualified, each request is prioritzed based upon criteria developed within the Speed Control Guidelines and then residents are balloted.  The Fire Department was closely involved throughout the process to provide their input.  The development of this program specifically entailed:

  • Developing criteria to qualify and prioritize resident requests;
  • Field test device with the Fire Department to understand their process and balance the need for speed control versus fire response time;
  • Creating petitions, fact sheets and ballots;
  • Advertising the program through the public information officer; and
  • Managing data collection and working with residents.

Red Light Enforcement Program
Elk Grove, CA

Interwest worked with the Elk Grove Police Department to create the criteria, select the locations, review plans, and provide assistance during the construction of the initial Red Light Enforcement Program. Our staff continues to be involved in the selection of new locations and to keep the Police Department updated on engineering changes that may impact the program.

Client: Elk Grove Police Department

Citywide Speed Survey
Westlake Village, CA

Citywide Speed SurveyWith some exceptions, California law prohibits the use of radar or laser technology to enforce speed limits that have not been established or updated on the basis of an engineering speed survey within a certain number of years. For all City arterial and collector streets, Interwest conducted a citywide study which included collection of new traffic count data and speed sample data, evaluation of collision history and calculation of collision rates, field review of existing street conditions and adjacent land uses, analysis of speed and collision data, preparation of a written report that provided speed limit recommendations, and presentation of the report to the City Council.

Client: City of Westlake Village

Citywide Traffic Study
Fillmore, CA

This study, which is currently underway and being conducted by Interwest, will evaluate existing and future conditions at all major intersections throughout the City. Future circulation system gap closures, a new business park, downtown intensification, and increased through traffic along the State route that serves as the most heavily traveled street in the City are all elements to be addressed in the study. Findings from the study will be used to prioritize capital improvements and update the City’s development impact fee program.

Client: City of Fillmore

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Elk Grove, CA

Interwest worked on obtaining federal grant funding to implement the first two phases of the Elk Grove ITS Master Plan. From design to construction of the Traffic Management Center our staff has been directly involved in all phases of this project. Our staff also networks with other local agency staff to stay up-to-date on changing technology and other agencies projects.

Client: City of Elk Grove

Yokuts Avenue Mall Transfer
Stockton, CA

Interwest is currently working on a design project that will provide a bus transfer station in the City of Stockton. The adjacent land uses of two shopping malls, a junior college campus, and a major arterial with a Bus Rapid Transit route makes the location a perfect fit for the transfer station. Our staff will incorporate traffic calming elements such as bulb-outs and high visibility crosswalks to enhance the area and encourage walking and alternative mode use. Improvements will also include landscaping for aesthetics and traffic control.

Client: San Joaquin Regional Transit District

City Celebration 10k Run Traffic Control Plans
Westlake Village, CA

City Celebration 10k Run Traffic Control PlansAs part of its annual City Celebration, the City of Westlake Village hosts a 5K run, a 10K run, and a 1 mile walk. As contract City Traffic Engineer, Interwest staff prepared detailed traffic control plans and a chronology that identified respective duties of the event team members, coordinated in advance with the barricade service and Sheriff’s Department, field-checked traffic control setup, assisted with flagging operations, and provided real-time oversight throughout the event.

Client: City of Westlake Village

Laguna Ridge Major Roads
Elk Grove, CA

Interwest reviewed the improvement plans for the Laguna Ridge Specific Plan Area. The project provides all major roadway infrastructure for the Laguna Ridge Specific Plan in Elk Grove. The concept was to build roadways to their built-out conditions before development was allowed to continue in order to eliminate future problems that roadway expansion projects can cause.

Client: City of Elk Grove

Traffic Coordination for Grant Line/ 99 Interchange and Promenade Mall
Elk Grove, CA

Interwest provided Plan Review and is providing assistance during the construction management phase to insure traffic operations are kept at acceptable levels. Our experienced staff uses its own TravelCast software (which is a traffic model that uses current traffic data and existing roadway construction projects to predict potential impacts to the roadway system) to identify impacted locations that need mitigation measures.

Client: City of Elk Grove

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