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Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Santa Clara Valley, CA

Interwest is currently under contract with Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority to manage the ROW Acquisition process for the BART Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension Project, currently one of the largest public projects in the Bay Area. The Project involves a 10-mile, two-station extension of the regional BART System, beginning in Fremont through Milpitas and temporarily ending in north San Jose.  The Project requires over 100 property acquisitions and over 40 business relocations. Most acquisitions are from private property owners. However, there are also a significant number of proposed acquisitions from cities, water districts and Union Pacific Railroad.

Client: Santa Clara Valley

Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvements
Placer, CA

Project runs along State Route 28 (SR-28) for approximately one mile.  This project will modify SR-28 from a four-lane roadway to a three-lane roadway, and provide a single 5-foot bike lane in each direction along with two roundabouts to improve vehicle circulation and safety. This involves Caltrans oversight and requires 14 partial acquisitions and one full acquisition. In addition, approximately 80 permission-to-enter and construct agreements were required from property owners for the construction of curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

Client: County of Placer

Grant Line Road / State Route 99 Interchange Reconstruction
Elk Grove, CA

This project was a critical transportation improvement for the City of Elk Grove. The existing Grant Line Road overcrossing was replaced with a new six-lane structure, expandable in the future to eight-lanes. Our real estate staff served as agency staff to the City of Elk Grove on this project and played a key role in managing the right-of-way acquisition process. This project involved acquisition of various property interests from 38 property owners, including relocation of two major service stations, a propane facility, a saloon, and several small businesses.

Client: City of Elk Grove

Folsom Bridge / Road Project
Folsom, CA

Interwest provided full-service real estate acquisition services to the City of Folsom and the Army Corps of Engineers for the Folsom Bridge / Road Project. This fast-track, multi-million dollar project required meticulous management of right-of-way activities, including the acquisition from two private property owners as well as multiple federal and state agencies. 
The bridge project was part of a larger improvement project known as the Folsom Dam Raise. The main goal of which is to raise Folsom Dam up to 10 feet to increase the flood storage capacity behind the dam. Folsom Dam Bridge will help remedy congestion problems that have developed within the city of Folsom since the two-lane Folsom Dam Road was closed to public traffic for security reasons in February 2003.

Client: City of Folsom

Folsom Bridge / Road Project

Sheldon Road / SR-99 Interchange
Elk Grove, CA

Reconstruction of this interchange involved replacing the current State Route 99 two-lane overcrossing with a nine-lane overcrossing; allowing for the widening of Sheldon Road on both the east and west sides of State Route 99. This project involved several complex acquisitions and numerous relocations involving both residential and commercial properties. Interwest’s real estate staff served as agency staff to the City of Elk Grove on this project and played a key role in managing the right-of-way acquisition process. Our team and sub-consultant teams worked hand in hand with the City of Sacramento to successfully negotiate property rights that were outside the City of Elk Grove’s jurisdiction.

Client: City of Elk Grove

Sheldon Road Widening / State Route 99 Interchange Project

City Library
Elk Grove, CA

The City of Elk Grove Library Project was included in the Facilities Master Plan to replace the outdated 7,000 square foot lease space currently serving the Elk Grove community. Interwest’s real estate team served as agency staff to the City of Elk Grove facilitating all facets of the library building purchase including negotiation, appraisal review, title and escrow closing.  Our architectural staff was responsible for the build-out of the library tenant improvements. 

Client: City of Elk Grove

Habitat Mitigation Land Project
Elk Grove, CA

The Elk Grove’s Mitigation Program requires developers to provide conservation easements or payment of “in lieu fee” to secure lands suitable for Swainson’s hawk Habitat. The city utilizes the fees collected to purchase land or conservation easements for Swainson’s hawk Habitat. In fulfilling the requirements of the mitigation program the Interwest real estate team, acting as agency staff negotiated the purchase of an operating vineyard comprising 745 acres. The vineyard improvements were removed and the property was converted back to its natural state, suitable for hawk foraging habitat. The land purchase involved negotiations, appraisal, title review, escrow closing, and property management, including an interim lease back period.

Client: City of Elk Grove

City Hall
Elk Grove, CA

The city of Elk Grove, California expanded its City Hall facilities to accommodate development services, planning, accounting and public information departments as well as meeting the needs of a growing community. The expanded facilities included lease/purchase option for a 45,000 square foot building on a 3.09 acre parcel. Interwest, serving as agency staff to the City of Elk Grove negotiated the terms of the lease with a purchase option.

Client: City of Elk Grove

Sheldon Road Widening
Elk Grove, CA

This project was to widen Sheldon Road from two to four lanes. The Interwest Real Estate team served as agency staff to the City of Elk Grove on this project and played a key role in managing the right of way acquisition process. The project involved 12 partial takes; 5 commercial and 7 residential properties.

Client: City of Elk Grove

Lewis Stein Road
Elk Grove, CA

The Lewis Stein Road Project involved extending Lewis Stein Road from West Stockton Boulevard to Big Horn Boulevard as a two-lane facility, including a bridge over Laguna Creek, with a landscaped median and a traffic signal. In order to acquire the necessary right-of-way, Interwest was instrumental in appraisal review, property negotiations for fee title and easement interests. 

Client: City of Elk Grove

City Corp Yard Purchase
Elk Grove, CA

Interwest negotiated and acquired 11.27 acres, including a 60,000 square foot industrial building for use as the City’s municipal corporation yard. The site is designated for use by the City’s maintenance services inclusive of streets, traffic, facility, landscaping, drainage, and the community-recycling center. The site also utilizes a warehouse space for all City departments as well as fleet vehicle parking for the Police Department. The City transit operator utilizes the facility for storage of the bus fleet, conduct routine maintenance, house and dispatch, and office area for the administrative staff.

Client: City of Elk Grove

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