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FairPlex Conference Center

FairPlex Conference CenterInterwest Consulting Group provided building inspection services on the FairPlex Conference Center, the City’s first LEED Silver engineered project. The FairPlex Conference Center is an 85,000 square foot, state-of-the-art building featuring the latest in construction styles and technology features with an eco-friendly balance. Understanding the importance of this project, we dedicated seasoned inspectors who collaboratively worked with a half dozen deputy inspectors and maintained a weekly inspection schedule, plus weekend inspections, as needed to keep the project on schedule. The project presented unique challenges due to the incorporation of the new construction with an existing Depression-era historical building.  This required that all adjoining parts of the Exhibit Hall, including electrical and plumbing, conform to rigorous Fire Rating Standards.


Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm Project
Burney, CA

Interwest Consulting Group provided complete plan review and construction inspection from November 1, 2009 through the completion of the project on October 8, 2010. The project was completed on schedule and within budget. Our services resulted in expediting the project due to our staff being on site and able to resolve problems, process change orders and make field revisions in a very efficient manner by working directly with the contractors and engineers.

Interwest Consulting Group provided complete plan review and construction inspection services for the project, which included structural and electrical inspection of the turbines, MV collection system, substation and over-head transmission lines.  Interwest Consulting Group’s inspectors also provided structural, electrical, mechanical and electrical inspection of the operations and maintenance facility. Construction cost approx $250 million.

The Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm project is a 101.2 MW power generating facility that consists of 44 – 2.3 MW wind turbines constructed along nine miles of the ridge line on Hatchet Ridge near Burney, CA. The height of the turbines is approximately 264 feet from grade to the center of the hub. The blades for the turbines are 303 ft in diameter. The wind turbines are supported on steel towers which are anchored to the foundations with 160 - #11 grade 90 bolts. The foundations for the turbine towers consist of 60’ diameter octagon shaped footings that vary in depth from 2’-0” at the edges to 5’-0” thick at the center. Associated with the wind turbines was over nine miles of medium voltage (MV) underground collection cables, an electrical substation, approximately four miles of over-head high voltage transmission lines supported by wood H-pole structures, a switchyard to transfer the electrical power to the PG&E distribution lines and an operations and maintenance building that houses offices, a SCADA room and a warehouse facility.

Client: Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm

City Center
Las Vegas, NV

City CenterThe City Center project is an ultra modern, world class destination resort presently under construction on the Las Vegas strip. Nestled on 67 acres between the Monte Carlo and Bellagio resorts the $11 billion dollar City Center project is being touted as the most expensive privately funded construction project in the western hemisphere. The resort includes a 225,000 s.f. convention center, 70,000 s.f. spa, 2,000 seat theatre, 5 parking structures, performing arts center, 900,000 s.f. for back of house operations, fire station, power plant, 500,000 s.f. mall, and $40 million dollars worth of sculptures by world renowned sculpture artists.

For the past two years, Interwest has been assisting Clark County by providing plan review services at the project site. Interwest’s in-facility services are credited with helping to keep this unique, fast pace project on track.
Interwest’s in-facility staff perform plan reviews of structural deficiencies identified by the 150 special inspectors overseeing the work of 2500 construction workers each day. Additionally, Interwest’s staff provides plan review services for minor structural revisions and tenant improvements to the project.

Client: Clark County, NV

Newport Beach Civic Center, Library Expansion and Parking Structure
Newport Beach, CA

Cal ISO HeadquatersInterwest Consulting Group provided plan review services for the structural, fire & life safety, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire portions of the project. Interwest also provided complete onsite inspection services. This $130 million project consisted of a 103,000 square foot, two story City Hall Office Building, a 25,850 square foot, one story City Hall Assembly Building, a 67,370 square foot, two story addition to an existing library and a 155,000 square foot, three story Parking Structure. Also included in the project is a 16 acre park containing numerous retaining walls, pedestrian bridges and a pedestrian bridge over a busy street to connect two portions of the park. The City Hall Office Building is characterized by waved roofs to simulate ocean waves. The Council Chambers Building is characterized by a cloth sail to simulate a ships sail.

Cal ISO Headquaters
Folsom, CA

Cal ISO HeadquatersInterwest provided complete plan review and consultation services for this $115M complex facility. This project achieved LEED Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council. The site is 25 acres with three seismically-separated wings encompassing approximately 277,000 gross square feet, with four levels. Occupancy groups for this project are A2, A3, B and S1, the type of construction is Type 1-B.  Each wing is constructed using a different structural system: Precast concrete bearing walls, structural steel special moment resisting frames, and hybrid precast concrete moment frames (or PRESSS). The PRESSS system was not recognized in the current code, and was reviewed and approved under an alternate materials request.

Avalon Bay
Union City, CA

Avalon Bay Union CityInterwest Consulting Group provided the complete plan review for the superstructure for two 4-story buildings totaling 315,077 square feet. Occupancy is R3 with construction type 1 FR and V-1HR, fully sprinklered. The project is constructed using conventional wood framing with lateral force resisting systems consisting of plywood and floor diaphragms with plywood shearwalls.

Client: City of Union City

Presbyterian Church
Pleasanton, CA

Presbyterian ChurchThis project consisted of a single story multi-use building, a single-story classroom building, a single-story youth center building, and a two-story worship center. The total square footage for the project is approximately 78,000 square feet. Occupancy is E3, B and A2.1, the construction is type V-N sprinklered. The project is constructed using conventional wood framing, the lateral force resisting systems consist of plywood roof and floor diaphragms and plywood shear walls. Interwest Consulting Group provided complete plan review for this project.

Client: City of Pleasanton

Promenade Mall
Elk Grove, CA

Promenade Mall, Elk Grove, CAThis project is 1.25 million sq. ft. Regional Mall that incorporates 13 separate retail shell buildings and 4 anchor tenants. The mall anchor stores include a 16 Screen Cinema, Target, J.C Penny, and Macy’s Department store. The structures were of Type II–1 Hour sprinklered and Type II-Nonrated sprinklered construction. Permits for this project separated into three phases; Foundation, Shell, and Tenant Improvement permits. This procedure allowed the developer to expedite the construction schedule and meet opening deadlines. Interwest handled the Plan Review both Structural and Architectural, including Fire Plan Review for this project.

Client: City of Elk Grove

Dos Lagos Meridian Retail Buildings
Corona, CA

Dos Lagos Meridian Retail BuildingsSeven retail/commercial structures were reviewed by Interwest staff. These buildings make up a large part of a new power center in the City of Corona just north of Interstate 15. This project is a high profile development and the reviews were completed working closely with City staff.

Client: City of Corona

Livermore, CA

MontevinoThis project consists of twelve one-story and four two-story buildings totaling 102,000 square feet with occupancy groups of F and B. Construction was type V-N, fully sprinklered. Structural systems consist of conventional spread footings, concrete masonry unit walls, and wood framed floors and roofs. Interwest Consulting Group provided complete plan review services for this project.

Client: City of Livermore

Pelican Hill Resort
Orange, CA

Pelican Hill ResortThis project was part of a major enlargement/redevelopment of a Marriott property. Interwest staff provided complete plan review services. The project consisted of several buildings; the upper and lower villas and the clubhouse. The upper and lower villas were residential units that were of a townhouse type of design. The clubhouse had mixed uses consisting of assembly areas, offices, commercial kitchen and other support areas for the resort complex.

Client: County of Orange

Storage Building
Corona, CA

Corona SummitInterwest provided complete plan review services for this mixed use building in a retail center designed under the 2001 CBC. The project consisted of a 105,191 square foot, six-story mixed use storage, office and parking building.

Client: City of Corona

Real Salt Lake Soccer Stadium
Sandy City, Utah

Interwest staff provided comprehensive plan review services for this 362,000+ square foot Major League Soccer stadium – the centerpiece of a major redevelopment push for the city. With a valuation of over 59 million dollars, the stadium has seating for 18,000, a maximum occupant load of more than 25,000 and contains low-rise luxury suites and concession structures. Construction consists of Type II-B construction utilizing occupancy groups A-5, B and S-1. A defining feature of the structure is the incorporation of a “flying wing” membrane roof structure which had to withstand high wind loads as well as snow loads.

Client: City of Sandy City

Main Street West
Suisun City, CA

This project consisted of three, two-story type V-N retail-office buildings that were constructed of concrete tilt-up panels, steel and wood framed floor and a wood framed roof, with a total area of 53,635 square feet. This project was part of the City of Suisun’s Redevelopment Program and was managed by the Agency with funds being provided by the City of Suisun. This was a high profile project for the City and was under strict time constraints for funding purposes. Interwest Consulting Group provided outstanding service to the City of Suisun on this project by working closely with the Building Department to quickly resolve code related issues and to meet the tight deadlines for these projects. Our Project Engineer met with the project designers on multiple occasions to resolve code related issues, provide clear and concise construction documents, as well as assisted in expediting the plan review process.

Client: City of Suisun

Embassy Suites
Roseville, CA

Interwest Consulting Group provided complete plan review services for this project which consisted of a 10-story, 246,000 square foot hotel which will be located next to the new conference center in Roseville, California. The structure is constructed of pour-in-place concrete; the lateral force resisting system for this structure consists of special concrete shear walls located at the elevator core at the interior of the building. The construction of this project is Type I-FR, with R1, A2.1, A3, B, and S2 occupancy groups.

Client: City of Roseville

The Inn at Town Center
Napa, CA

Interwest Consulting Group provided full plan review services for this 108,495 square foot five-story hotel located in down town Napa. The building was Type II-1 hour construction with R1, B, A2, and A3 occupancy groups. The structure consisted of steel stud partition walls supporting metal deck with concrete fill. The lateral force resisting system for this project consisted of concrete shear walls located at the core of the building.

Client: City of Napa

Timpanogos Regional Hospital
Orem, UT

Interwest staff provided structural plan review for the addition of a third and fourth floor, 48,000 sq. ft. type 1B (2003 IBC) addition to an existing two-story hospital. The building was originally designed in the mid-‘90’s under the 1994 UBC to accommodate an additional two stories. The 1994 UBC specified Seismic Zone 2. The adopted 2003 IBC more accurately represents the significantly higher seismic hazard at this site, resulting in much higher seismic base shears. The building utilizes structural steel eccentric braced frames and composite steel-concrete diaphragms in its lateral force resisting system. The design team is attempting to reduce the seismic base shear by utilizing passive damping. This project is presently being reviewed on behalf of the local jurisdiction for compliance with the structural engineering design provisions of the 2003 IBC.

Client: City of Orem

Medical Office Building 2
Roseville, CA

Approximately a 260,000 sq. ft., four-story MOB constructed of structural steel and utilizing buckling restrained braced frames (BRBF) under an alternate materials and methods request. In addition, the 2006 IBC was used as the governing code, again under an alternate means and methods request. Interwest Consulting Group’s staff provided the full plan review services for this project.

Client: City of Roseville

Nevada Surgery Center, Salus Surgery Center
Las Vegas, NV

This project consisted of a tenant improvement of an existing 11,872 square foot wood framed one-story shell building. The tenant improvement converted the existing shell building into an ambulatory surgical center with five pre-operation bays, four operation rooms, six stage-1 recovery bays, five stage-2 recovery bays, and two private recovery rooms, in addition to a receptionist area, a waiting room, an anesthesia workroom, employee lounges, and miscellaneous other rooms. The project is classified as I-2 (hospital) occupancy with type V-A (sprinklered) construction. The project was classified as occupancy category IV per ASCE 7-05 Table 1-1 which triggered an upgrade of the lateral force resisting system. The upgrade of the lateral force resisting system consisted of strengthening the existing wood framed shear walls and retrofitting the shear walls with larger hold-downs to resist the increased calculated lateral loads. In addition, new structural supports were installed in the building to support the new medical and mechanical equipment. This project was designed and reviewed using the provisions of the 2006 editions of the IBC, UMC, UPC, 2005 NEC, and the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code with Southern Nevada Amendments.

Client: Clark County

Eskaton Assisted Living Facility
Placerville, CA

This two-story assisted living facility contains occupancy groups R2.1, A3, and B, and is type V 1-hour construction, (sprinklered). The 51,275 sq. ft. facility contains 64 residential units and is built using wood framed construction with pre-fabricated wood trusses. The lateral system consists of plywood floor and roof diaphragms supported by plywood shear walls. Interwest Consulting Group provided complete plan review services for this project.

Client: City of Placerville

Lodi Regional Health Systems
Stockton, CA

Interwest Consulting Group provided the complete plan review for the LRHS MOB – T.I. Phase II project which consisted of a 12,296 sq. ft. tenant improvement in an existing two-story tilt-up concrete building. This tenant improvement included a primary care clinic as well as medical office space. The occupancy groups for this project are B and I-1.2, with type II one-hour construction. Plan review services provided included the review of the fire life safety, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, accessibility, and structural aspects of the project, including the OSHPD 3 requirements of the California Codes.

Client: Lodi Regional Health Systems

Southwest Retail Group
Park City, UT

Interwest Consulting Group provided the complete plan review of this 14,978 sq. ft. mixed use project. The occupancy groups for this project are R3, M, U and S2, the construction is type III-B, sprinklered. This project consists of four stories of steel framed structure over an underground concrete parking garage. The roof structure for this building consists of steel framing supporting steel roof sheathing, while the floor system consists of steel framing supporting metal pan decking with concrete fill. The lateral force resisting system for this building consists of masonry shear walls in the longitudinal direction and special steel moment resisting frames in the transverse direction.

Client: City of Park City

Clark County Development Services Expansion & Remodel
Las Vegas, NV

This project consisted of a new 95,856 sq. ft. addition and remodel to the existing Clark County Development Services facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new addition is a two-story building of type II-B construction with A-3, B, and S-2 occupancies. Services provided by Interwest Consulting Group included complete building code plan review of the new addition and remodeled facility. In addition, Interwest Consulting Group provided a constructability review of the construction documents for both the new addition and the remodeled existing facility. The constructability review focused on inconsistencies between the new and existing conditions, adequacy of the detailing for clarity of construction, coordination between various design disciplines, as well as completeness and coordination of the contract documents. The goal of the constructability review was to provide clear, concise, and complete documents to facilitate construction and minimize RFI’s, change orders, and additional unforeseen costs. This project was reviewed using the applicable portions of the 2006 International Building Codes and the Southern Nevada Amendments to the 2006 IBC.

Client: Clark County

Echelon Place
Las Vegas, NV

This project consisted of five towers that are supported by a common podium structure and is located on the “Strip” in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project will have approximately 5,000 rooms divided among the five towers. The podium level is to contain a 140,000 sq. ft. casino, 300,000 sq. ft. shopping venue, a 750,000 convention center, 30 restaurants and bars, a 4,000 seat stadium style theater, and a 1,500 seat theater. The project is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in 2010. The structure is to be constructed of structural steel supporting composite steel and concrete decking. The lateral force resisting system is composed of buckling restrained braced frames and concrete shear walls. The construction type for this project is I-A. Interwest provided structural and fire proofing plan review services for this project.

Client: Clark County

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